NSC is rooted with a rich history of entrepreneurial spirit dating back to 1988. Founded as a result of two former companies - The National Sweepstakes Company and its parent company, Idea Connections, Inc., NSC has experienced quite the evolution.

In its original state, Idea Connections, Inc. was a marketing firm with ties to the promotional industry. As the need for promotional services continued to rise, it felt natural to launch a business with promotion administration being its core focus (The National Sweepstakes Company). The two companies were a perfect fit for any business needing true turn-key services – by both handling the creative and marketing aspects of a promotion, while also offering the administration pieces to ensure legal compliance.

Throughout the history of The National Sweepstakes Company, the continuity of management and vision has propelled the company into what it is today. After over twenty years of growth and innovation within the promotional marketplace, the company was purchased by three people (two of which were existing employees) in April 2011 and now continues to thrive as National Sweepstakes Company, LLC.